Olympia Theofanopoulou

welcome to my art portfolio website

texture, patina & colouration

Attention to detail and to the various materials and formations
Photography and art in general have been life-time passions of mine. My work in archaeology has very much influenced the way I look at things through the lens of my camera. I mainly focus on detail and have a love for the colours and textures of eroded and patinated surfaces of all kinds. The Greek light, as well as the land and seascapes, are a constant source of inspiration for my art work, some of which you may find here.

Tree Poetry

Photo Book by LIBRO Publications, Athens 2010
The emotions arising from these photographs relate to childhood memories, to long Greek summers full of daydreaming and countless hours in nature… To me, they are the means to a necessary journey, to a dream. My hope is that whoever sees them can be carried away in a similar way.



About Shadows

Photo Book by LIBRO Publications, Athens 2016
Shadows were not the only source of inspiration for this body of work. I am equally moved by the surfaces on which I captured them. Shadows convey their seductive appeal to the various underlying layers, which, in turn, complete the pictures with another kind of beauty.



Sea Breeze

Photo Collection
A collection of exhibited photographs shot on the beach, featuring the dazzling light reflected from pebbles shimmering through crystal clear seawater and of marine fauna nonchalantly moving in the shallow seabed.



Olia Scarves

art photographs on silk
At Olia Scarves art works are transformed into luxurious silk scarves and pareos. When worn, a work of art takes on a new life. The transformation of a static object to a fluid and fleeting moment that can change any minute, is exciting. Photographs thus appear to gain an intangible, ethereal essence, whereas reflections, combined with the insurmountable suppleness of fine silk offer a unique sensation.